Node “ONTLabo” is open for general users to stake their coins and as a user who stake coins can earn 3 times of the node income.

Ontolody node “ONTLabo” has started to open its public chance for the general users to stake. At the moment, Ontology staking can make you earn ONG everyday, and you can have the staking income as well.

To celebrate this opening and Ontology main-net anniversary, “ONTLabo” decide to run a campaign of increasing the ONG bonus. During the campaign, if you stake your coins on the “ONTLabo” node, you can get a 3 times ONG bonus in the first month. Stake more get more. Come and join us!


The campaign is live until 1st, July 00:00(GMT+8). Stake your ONT and take a snapshot at 1st, July 00:00(GMT+8). The bonus will be shared depending on the staking ratio. If you want to get the staking income and bonus, you are supposed to not to quit the staking status during the specific month. Every node is scanned periodically.

Detailed description:

1. Every address is considered to be one user. Each user has only one chance to get the bonus, etc. (we will run other campaigns in the future. If you are staking, you will have the right to join the campaign. )
2. Every address’s node bonus is the same as normal node bonus. (For example, at the moment, staking 500ONT can generate 6ONT bonus. “ONTLabo” node generate 6ONT. And the campaign generates 6ONT. Totally the bonus is 18ONT.)
3. Campaign bonus will be delivered before 7th, Aug:(after the campaign, if you do not quit staking your coins at ONTLabo, you are allowed to get the bonus of the month. The bonus will be delivered next month. )
4. “ONTLabo” has the final right to explain the details of the campaign.

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